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Key Private Bank Selects Proteus to Offer Alternative Investment Solutions for Accredited Investor Wealth Management Clients

INDIANAPOLISJuly 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Proteus, LLC announced today it has been selected by Key Private Bank for its preferred alternative asset platform for Accredited Investors. The firm will use Proteus’ best-in-class technology platform and related infrastructure to seamlessly offer alternative investments to both their Accredited Investor and Qualified Purchaser clientele.

Proteus and Key Private Bank will collaborate to offer a set of alternative strategies exclusively to an array of its wealth management clients. The first strategy will launch on August 1, 2022 and will focus on private credit. These products leverage the collective industry expertise and insights of both firms along with Proteus’ research partner, Callan.

Once constructed, wealth management clients who are accredited investors will benefit from Proteus’ technology platform to invest in hard to access and differentiated strategies, monitor performance, and manage their alternative portfolios. The Proteus platform will also be tightly integrated with the Key Private Bank’s existing reporting solutions to provide a seamless experience for their clients.

“We are thrilled to announce this relationship that highlights our unique position and capabilities in the alternative asset space,” says Eric Knauss, CEO at Proteus. “There are several providers in the market that offer partial alternative solutions, but none that offer the same breadth of services and efficiency of Proteus. The Key Private Bank research team is deeply skilled and knowledgeable of alternative investment strategies and was focused on understanding the details of the solutions available on the market today.”

“We are excited to be working with the team at Proteus to deliver new strategies that offer portfolio diversification and enhanced return opportunities for our clients, while maintaining our unwavering commitment to upholding our fiduciary standard.” says George Mateyo, Chief Investment Officer at Key Private Bank. “We are committed to being a wealth management leader which includes our commitment to offering our clients access to industry leading alternative strategies in the most efficient manner possible.”

The Proteus technology platform has been designed and developed to offer client-specific product offerings and investment vehicles. For a fully customized alternative platform, Proteus can mobilize and launch a solution for a client within days rather than months and with absolutely no custom development required.

“Their selection of Proteus not only evidences our unique capabilities, but also our ability to offer bespoke solutions quickly, efficiently and cost effectively,” Knauss added.

Proteus offers a wide variety of solutions to Accredited Investor and Qualified Purchaser clients ranging from access to individual managers, managed strategies, comprehensive alternative asset management models, and fully custom strategies like the one being deployed for KeyBank’s wealth management business.

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About Proteus

Proteus is an alternative investment platform solution for high-end wealth advisors. The platform provides sophisticated access to institutional-quality investment opportunities, including private funds, alternative investment model portfolios and sub-asset class pools which invest across the alternative investment strategy spectrum. Wealth advisors and their Accredited Investor and Qualified Purchaser clients use the platform to research alternative investment managers and investments, review due diligence materials and construct custom portfolios all on one platform, thereby eliminating significant hurdles and inefficiencies that have plagued alternative investors for decades. Proteus’ fully integrated platform is an end-to-end enterprise solution which also provides sophisticated portfolio construction tools, integrated & compliant portfolio accounting and consolidated K-1 processing. To learn more about Proteus, visit