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A Modern Approach To A Fragmented Industry

Since the company’s inception in 2018, Proteus has provided a sophisticated service to investment advisory firms and their ultra-high-net-worth clients, utilizing a propriety portfolio management system and innovative legal structure that gives investors the ability to participate in highly sought-after but difficult-to-access, private investments with unparalleled convenience.

Proteus has streamlined the sourcing, due diligence, investing, and reporting process to provide a sophisticated yet efficient alternative investment access platform. Proteus, LLC’s fully integrated platform is an enterprise solution providing portfolio construction tools, integrated & compliant portfolio accounting, and consolidated K-1s.

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Our Mission

The Proteus mission is to continue to be remarkable in alternative investment solutions, committed to helping our clients meet their personal and professional financial goals.

Our Vision

The Proteus vision is to be exceptional in alternative investment solutions while being recognized as an authority in innovative investment platforms.

Our Team

Our team comprises finance, technology, and business development experts who share a dedication to our user’s success and a passion for revolutionizing the investment landscape. With a combined average experience of 15 years in the alternative markets and a deep understanding of both the traditional and alternative markets, our team collaborates to create innovative solutions that integrate established systems with emerging market opportunities. Meet our team.

The Story of Proteus

Solutions for Both the Buy and Sell Side
of Investing






Bringing It Altogether

The Proteus logo isn’t just a logo but is a dynamic representation of what Proteus does in the alternative investment industry. When the founders came up with the logo, they wanted to portray the pieces that go into alternative investing. When looking at the logo three-dimensionally, the logo shows who your clients are, where you are, or where you want to take the firm or portfolio construction.

When looking at the logo two-dimensionally, it represents the trident of Proteus. Proteus was the son of Poseidon who was a known shapeshifter, and just like private market investing, the Proteus team and company is adjusting and evolving the industry with its technology and efficiency.

Join Our Team

Our team located in Indianapolis and West Palm Beach, Fla., is seeking talent that thinks outside of the box in a traditional industry. We are committed to creating an engaging workplace for the most talented associates in our industry. We offer comprehensive benefits packages and provide learning and development.

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