Proteus efficiently provides investors with otherwise unattainable opportunities, such as the sourcing of pre-diligenced smaller, alpha oriented opportunities, top tier investments and managers as well as direct co-investing deals. The alternative platform technology offers portfolio construction tools and investment management analytics supported by comprehensive reporting and simplified tax reporting.

A new private investment is identified

Our process begins when a unique private investment opportunity is identified.

Thorough due diligence is performed

An investment is run through a number of quantitative screens and is then subjected to rigorous back office and operational due diligence, before our investment committee approves.

Investors are notified

Approved investments are announced to the community. Investors have access to the offering’s full diligence and analysis package created by Proteus.

Select investments are analyzed

Using a robust set of analytical tools, investors select and allocate to the offerings of their choosing. Pick which offerings and how much to invest. 

On-going monitoring and reporting is conducted

Sit back and relax while we perform regular, on-going diligence on all platform offerings. We provide regular reporting, automated alerts and any updates that pertain to your investments.

Repeat and build a custom portfolio

 Utilize Proteus’ sophisticated portfolio management capabilities to build a portfolio that matches your investment preferences.

Manage your investments

Supported by Proteus’ extensive portfolio management technology, investors can manage their risk profiles, access liquidity schedules, monitor asset class exposures and much more.


Experience the most sophisticated private investment solution available.


Due diligence and operational oversight minimize the potential for fraud and misappropriation.

Custom Portfolios

Construct portfolios that meet your exact investment objectives.

Sophisticated Analytical Engine

Tools to manage the risk exposure, performance characteristics and liquidity of your alternative investment portfolio.

Superior Reporting

Reporting that revolutionizes how you view and analyze your portfolio on a real time basis.

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