You are currently viewing Proteus Announces Collaboration with Nilsine Partners for Enhanced Alternative Investment Solutions  

Proteus Announces Collaboration with Nilsine Partners for Enhanced Alternative Investment Solutions  

Proteus, an alternative investment solutions platform, is proud to announce its partnership with Nilsine Partners, an independent investment advisory firm based in Denver, Colorado. This strategic partnership will provide Nilsine’s clients with expanded access to unique and institutional-quality alternative investments.  

“As an independent firm, we are dedicated to rigorous improvement and innovation on behalf of our clients. While exploring new options in investments, technology platforms, and service providers, Proteus stood out due to its flexibility in fund structuring, operational scalability for investing in private market assets, and robust due diligence processes. Our relationship with Proteus will help Nilsine Partners achieve its strategic initiative in allocating to alternative investments in our client’s portfolios.” said R. Scott Bills, CEO of Nilsine Partners.   

In alignment with Nilsine’s key portfolio priorities, Proteus will be instrumental in structuring custom feeder funds and pooled vehicles. These investment vehicles will empower Nilsine’s clients to access a diverse range of alternative investment opportunities previously unavailable. 

“By leveraging Proteus’ adaptable technology and Nilsine’s financial expertise, we will work hand in hand to unlock new opportunities, provide access to a broader spectrum of strategies, and enrich the investment experience for clients. This relationship marks another important step in our mission to transform the alternative investment landscape and create value for our clients,” said Jason Brown, Proteus’ CEO.  

Proteus will offer comprehensive support to Nilsine Partners and their clients. This support includes various services such as due diligence on investments, regulatory compliance assistance, digital work-flow style subscriptions, aggregated reports, consolidated K1s, and ongoing assistance for Qualified Purchaser and Accredited Investor clients. With Proteus, Nilsine can access all these services to streamline their investment processes.  

About Nilsine Partners 

Nilsine Partners, an independent registered investment adviser, was founded in 2021 by a highly experienced professional team in Denver, Colorado. The firm’s namesake takes inspiration from Colorado’s state motto, “Nil Sine Numine,” meaning “Nothing without Providence.” Serving a diverse clientele, including multigenerational families, business owners, executives, and medical professionals, Nilsine Partners is committed to simplifying wealth management for their clients. Nilsine offers comprehensive services, including financial planning, investment management, and family office services. Utilizing a data-driven approach, the firm develops comprehensive financial and investment plans that serve as a roadmap to achieving each client’s unique objectives. For more information about Nilsine Partners, please visit: Home – Nilsine ( 

 About Proteus 

Proteus is an alternative investment platform. The platform provides access to institutional-quality investment opportunities, including private funds, alternative investment model portfolios, and sub-asset class pools which invest across the alternative investment strategy spectrum. Wealth advisors use the platform to research alternative investment managers and investments, review due diligence materials, and construct custom portfolios, thereby eliminating significant hurdles and inefficiencies that have plagued alternative investors for decades. Proteus, LLC is a registered investment adviser with the SEC. For more information, please visit Home – Proteus (  

*Proteus and Nilsine are unaffiliated companies. No compensation was shared for endorsements herein.