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Andersen Capital Selects Proteus to Structure & Operate New Hedge Fund

INDIANAPOLIS, August 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Proteus, LLC announced it has been selected by Andersen Capital Management as its partner to complement Andersen’s SMA platform with an efficient, technology-enabled, private fund platform in launching its new alternative investment strategy.  Andersen will take advantage of Proteus’ best-in-class technology, operational rigor, and related infrastructure to seamlessly offer their investment strategies to Accredited and Qualified clientele.

Proteus is structuring a bespoke master-feeder solution that will allow Andersen to aggregate clientele for its Weather Mark Long/Short investment strategy.  The strategy employs the same stock picking process that Andersen has used since 2010, now generalized to permit shorting stocks that have poor business models.  The solution will launch September 1, 2022.

“The Andersen relationship is yet another example that highlights our unique position and capabilities in the alternative asset space,” says Eric Knauss, CEO at Proteus. “The Proteus Platform truly stands unrivaled in its breadth and depth.  Our careful planning and foresight in how we have developed the technology and related infrastructure of the Platform has put us in a position where we can offer tailored solutions that match exacting client needs.  In Andersen’s case, you see a world-renowned portfolio manager that has found it is possible to enjoy the benefits of operating in a fund structure without any of the burdens.  In fact, life will be getting simpler and less costly for both Andersen and their clients by taking advantage of the Proteus Platform.”

Proteus offers a wide variety of alternative investment opportunities to Accredited Investor and Qualified Purchaser clients ranging from access to individual managers, no-cost managed strategies, and comprehensive alternative asset management models.

Further, Proteus offers compelling solutions to asset managers whether they currently operate SMAs or Funds.  In Andersen’s case, Proteus is offering a turnkey solution to extend existing and new clients access to his long short strategy with an efficient and transparent fund structure.  “SMA managers and their clients can benefit from the advantages of fund structures.  However, before the Proteus offering, there was no elegant way of migrating to a fund structure without exorbitant cost, complexity, and opacity.  Proteus is changing that dynamic,” Knauss added.

“My clients know I have high levels of integrity,” says Peter Andersen, Founder and CIO of Andersen Capital Management. “Since founding Andersen Capital, I had been looking for the perfect partner for relaunching my long/short version of Weather Mark.  Most fund structures I considered did not have attractive offering characteristics and were materially deficient in what I expect for my clients.  We hesitated to offer the long/short strategy in a fund structure if these problems weren’t solved.  Proteus does just that.  With this partnership I will be able to offer my strategies broadly, at lower cost to the client, and with unparalleled transparency.  This solution is perfectly designed with the best interest of my investors in mind.”

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About Andersen Capital Management

Peter C. Andersen, CFA, has managed money for a wide range of clients since 1993.  He has direct experience managing separate accounts and over 10 mutual funds throughout his career, including IPOs for two NYSE-listed closed end funds.  Peter also is a columnist for Forbes magazine and has written over 125 articles about general markets and investment recommendations for their Intelligent Investor feature.  Since 2006 he has appeared on CNBC and Fox Business News to discuss market strategies and investments and is regularly quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, Financial Times, and MarketWatch.  Investment Advisory Services offered through Integrated Advisors Network LLC (IAN) a Registered Investment Advisor.

About Proteus

Proteus is an alternative investment platform solution.  The Proteus Platform provides access to institutional-quality investment opportunities, including private funds, alternative investment model portfolios and sub-asset class pools which invest across the alternative investment strategy spectrum.  Wealth advisors and their Accredited Investor and Qualified Purchaser clients use the platform to research alternative investment managers and investments, review due diligence materials and construct custom portfolios all on one platform, thereby eliminating significant hurdles and inefficiencies that have plagued alternative investors for decades. Proteus’ fully integrated platform is an end-to-end enterprise solution which also provides sophisticated portfolio construction tools, integrated & compliant portfolio accounting and consolidated K-1 processing.