The Virtual Private Equity Fund

Introducing a next generation solution for deal sponsors.

Focus on Value-Add Activities

Sourcing, diligence and negotiations are the heart of direct deals. Spend more time on what matters.

Offload Non Value-Add Activities

Management and operation of a fund structure that customarily requires significant effort by the investment manager can be eliminated. Shift the burden of accounting, audit, tax and even compliance to Proteus via a Virtual Private Equity Fund.

Provide Clarity for Investors

Create deal level opt-in/opt-out flexibility, operate in a highly controlled and scalable environment and deploy high-tech tools for on-demand, consolidated, transparency.


Experience the benefits of a bespoke fund structure without sacrificing investor optionality at the deal level.


Due diligence and operational oversight minimize the potential for fraud and misappropriation.

Custom Portfolios

The ability to construct portfolios that meet your exact investment objectives.

Sophisticated Analytical Engine

Tools to manage the risk exposure, performance characteristics and liquidity of your alternative investment portfolio.

Superior Reporting

Reporting that revolutionizes how you view and analyze your portfolio on a real time basis.

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