1. What is the Proteus Private Investment Platform?

The Proteus Private Investment Platform is an online platform designed to solve the inefficiencies of exempted, private investments. The Proteus Private Investment Platform allows investors to access a roster of pre-vetted opportunities and eliminates the administrative and back office burdens of investing as an individual. The aggregated Platform creates synergies for investors and the investment managers/opportunities listed.

2. What are private investments? 

Private investments are exempt from registration under the Investment Company Act of 1940. Private investments are not listed on stock exchanges and do require investors to meet a minimum requirement of wealth.

3. What types of investments are available through the Platform?

Proteus offers a list of opportunities that include hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate and private debt. Opportunities are available through funds, fund of funds and direct investments.


4. Does an investor have control over which opportunities are invested in?

The investors are given opt-in / opt-out flexibility to manage their investments on the Platform.


5. Does Proteus provide any investment recommendations?

While Proteus does not provide any investment recommendations, all investment opportunities are pre-screened and must meet both quantitative and qualitative metrics before they are offered to the investor base.


6. Who is eligible to invest through the Proteus Platform?

Investors must meet either accredited or qualified purchaser requirements. The Platform accepts U.S. taxable, U.S. tax-exempt and non-U.S. investors.


 7. How does an investor sign up to invest through the Proteus Platform?

To join Proteus, an investor is required to complete a subscription agreement and provide certain identifying information.

Interested investors should contact Proteus using one of the methods below:

Email Inquiries:

Telephone Inquiries: +1-317-653-2756.


8. What are the required minimum subscription and investment amounts?

The stated minimum requirement to access the Proteus Platform is $100,000. In certain cases, amounts lower than $100,000 will be accepted. The minimum amount for an underlying investment opportunity may be as low as $50,000.


9. Does an investor “own” the investments made through Proteus?

Investors directly own an interest in Proteus. Proteus directly owns an interest in the underlying investments. Investors indirectly own an interest in the underlying investments made through Proteus.


10. What are the fees/expenses associated with investing through Proteus?

Proteus charges an asset based management fee on invested capital only. The fee range is between 0.48% and 0.96% annually, depending on the size of the account. Proteus does not charge a performance fee.


11. What are the terms for investing through Proteus?

Proteus passes through the terms of the underlying investment opportunities selected by an investor.


12. What authority does Proteus have over my investments?

Proteus is granted special powers of attorney, which are restricted to making and redeeming from investments.


13. Can an investor get periodic distributions from the Proteus Platform?

Yes, the Platform allows periodic distributions.


14. What safeguards are there to protect my investments?

Proteus is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that is subject to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Indiana Securities Commission regulations and oversight. In line with industry best practices, Proteus uses a third party custodian, receives an annual audit from an AICPA registered firm, requires an annual audit for all investment opportunities listed on the platform and requires an outside administrator for most investment opportunities. Proteus maintains error and omissions insurance as well as other insurance. Proteus segregates assets via a Series, LLC which shields assets from cross liabilities.


15. How can I receive additional information or ask specific questions?

Additional information may be requested using one of the methods below:

Email Inquiries:
Telephone Inquiries: +1-317-653-275