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Proteus Adds Model Portfolios and Sub-Asset Class Pools to Alternative Investments Platform

INDIANAPOLISJan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Proteus, a registered investment advisor, alternative investments and private funds platform, announced today it has added new model portfolios and pooled funds to its platform for RIAs, multi-family offices, independent broker-dealers and private banks. Wealth managers can use the models and pools to simplify the creation and management of diversified alternative investment portfolios.

Proteus and its research partner Callan LLC thoughtfully selected and vetted institutional managers and strategies for each model and asset-class pool, significantly reducing the amount of time advisors need to spend researching and conducting due diligence. Unlike fund-of-fund offerings or individual investment selections, which may not create a cohesive portfolio, these tools bring advisors the best ideas for asset-class allocation and manager selection while taking into consideration investor goals, risk tolerances and current allocations.

“Enterprise wealth management clients have been asking for tools to more easily create institutional-class portfolios for both ultra-high net worth and accredited investors,” said Eric Knauss, CEO of Proteus. “Proteus now offers carefully curated models and asset-class pools to meet the investment objectives of a broad range of clients. For wealth managers, the models and pools look and act like bespoke portfolios built for each individual investor.”

In addition to the 35 individual funds already on the Proteus platform – including private equity, private credit, real assets and hedge funds – the platform now also includes the following, with no access fees:

  • 3 Model Portfolios – Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive
    • Broad exposure to private equity, private credit, real assets and hedge funds
  • Sub-Asset Class Pools
    • Core & Non-Core Private Credit, Private Equity and Real Asset strategies
    • Directional and Absolute Return hedge funds

Proteus aggregates investments from all of its platform users, significantly reducing investment minimums and allowing investors to allocate as little as $250,000 to a model or an asset-class pool.

In conjunction with the expansion of the platform, Proteus has also significantly enhanced its Advisor Education Portal, to ensure advisors using the technology are fully equipped to be knowledgeable and effective stewards of their clients’ investments. Clients have full access to all due diligence reports in the client-facing portal.

Firms can white-label the Proteus platform to showcase their own brand in the portal and in printed reports. The new investment solutions are supported by Proteus’s sophisticated workflow technology and industry-leading custodial and performance-reporting systems.

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Proteus is an RIA and alternatives/private funds platform that provides high net worth investors and their financial advisors sophisticated access to alternative investment opportunities and education. Proteus’ fully integrated platform enables independent RIAs, regional IBDs, private banks, accredited investors and qualified purchasers to sort and search managers and investments, review due diligence materials, model, backtest and construct portfolios all in one place, eliminating the hurdles and inefficiencies that have traditionally plagued alternative investing. To learn more about Proteus, visit:

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